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“I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Darla O’Brien for the last eight years. Darla tailored an exercise program specifically for me. It’s made a real difference in my body posture, sense of balance and overall body strength.”

5stars -LS of Sarasota

Darla O’Brien

Certified Exercise Physiologist  ACSM  ACE  ACS  CI  NASM  NFPT  NSCA

Darla O’Brien holds more NCCA accredited certifications than any other trainer in the State of Florida. She is a renowned expert who has helped hundreds of clients achieve their individual fitness and health goals. Darla believes that the answer to becoming healthy is not found in an infomercial or with the latest fitness craze…it is achieved through careful planning, consistency, self-discipline and a strong physical foundation built on proper body alignment.

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The ongoing objective of Darla O’Brien’s “Motion Empowered” ME System℠ is to bring the body into essential alignment. Clients find that the ME System helps them build Strength and Agility and improve Overall Health and Energy.

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