Exercise/Conditioning: Post-Rehabilitation & Pre-Surgery


Post-Rehab & Pre-Surgical Fitness Training

Whenever you are recovering from an injury, extra care is needed when restarting exercise. It helps to do this under the guidance of a professional who has a background in post-rehab exercise training. Whether the situation is a fall, preparing for surgery, recovering from cancer, or other trauma, expert guidance on exercise for your specific situation can help you to achieve a full recovery.

Pre-Surgery Exercise

Exercise prior to an upcoming surgery can be helpful in many, but not all, instances. The most common types of surgery where exercise may be indicated are surgery of the back, knee, and hip. In these situations you should check with your doctor to make sure that exercise is appropriate for you. It’s also important to train with a qualified professional to achieve maximum benefit and to minimize the likelihood of any negative impact from engaging in improper movement.

As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Darla O’Brien at Designer Fitness will coordinate with you and your doctor to develop an appropriate exercise regimen. As a part of any exercise regimen, Darla will work with you to correct detrimental posture and movement patterns that may have contributed to injury. Proper understanding and correction of poor posture and movement patterns can prevent re-injury and accelerate the healing process after surgery.


Post-Surgery Exercise

After any back, knee, or hip surgery, you can always expect a period of recovery and rehabilitation. A consistent schedule of proper, prescribed exercises and movements (performed with correct form) can cut weeks off your recovery time. It can also reduce the likelihood of re-injury as a result of muscle imbalances. Training at Designer Fitness will give you the needed tools and knowledge to get you back on your feet faster, stronger, and safer.

Physical Therapy Exercise

The focus of a physical therapist (PT) is to help you with your immediate physical recovery. After rehabilitation, and when your PT or physician has cleared you to exercise, you will need a regimen suited to your specific situation. Working with your doctor or PT, Darla will develop an exercise program designed just for you. With a focus on proper posture, movement, and range of motion, your custom exercise schedule will:

  • Promote a balanced recovery

  • Help you to prevent future injuries

  • Guide you back to the activities of your daily life.


Exercise Training for Cancer Patients

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, exercise can be an important part of your healing process. As an ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, Darla is equipped help you on that difficult road to recovery. Working under the direction of your doctor, she can develop an exercise regimen tailored to your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery status. With the right exercise program, you can:

  • Extend your range of motion

  • Build your strength and stamina

  • Increase your stability and balance

  • Boost your energy

  • Rebuild your self-confidence


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