Designer Fitness is now an authorized location that owns and operate the new multi-mode HOCATT™ Ozone Steam Sauna!  Enhance your sense of well-being.  Exclusively available to clients of Designer Fitness.

How it works

You sit back comfortably on the special seat. The chamber doors are closed to cover your body while your head remains outside of the chamber.  A neck cape ensures comfort and the retention of the contents of the steam chamber.  A nasal cannula provides pure humidified oxygen through the nose to enhance oxygen saturation in the blood.

At the beginning of the session steam and far infrared rays warm the body.  Carbon Dioxide flows into the chamber at a very specific rate – the CO2 converts to very dilute carbonic acid as it reacts with the steam and LEDs emit full spectrum light within the chamber.

The warm steam dilates the pores and carbonic acid further enhances this effect.  Towards the end of the session, the entire volume of ozone and oxygen-steam mixture is extracted into the activated carbon charcoal of the ozone destructor in order to limit release into the room when the doors open.

After just 30 minutes in the HOCATT, clients leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed – with reduced stress!

For additional information and to schedule your session call Darla at 336-355-1900.


Single Session


5 Session Package

     $500 (Save $200)

10 Session Package

     $950 (Save $450)