Good News!

Designer Fitness will reopen on Monday, June 1 – with new safeguards and procedures. As a personal fitness studio owner focused on your health as an individual, I’m adding safeguards that exceed the CDC guidelines on social distancing and sanitization.  Here are a few of the safeguards I’m implementing:

  • Spacing out the studio: I now have two reformers (down from four) to allow for greater distance between you, the client and me, the trainer.
  • 55-minute sessions will be scheduled at 90-minute intervals (7:00AM, 8:30AM etc.) to allow for 35 minutes between clients to sanitize the studio.
  • A maximum of two clients per session until further notice.
  • I will operate an ozone generator in the evenings to thoroughly sanitize the entire studio.
  • I will continue to have the Purell dispenser at the entrance to the studio.
  • I will wear gloves and mask in the studio and request that you do the same
  • I will be tested for the COVID-19 antibody and will test on an ongoing basis.

How can you help?

  • Please don’t visit the studio if you have a fever or any of the COVID-19 cluster of symptoms.
  • Please bring your own gloves, mask and a personal towel.
  • Let me know if you have any concerns or areas that can be improved.

As everything is happening very quickly, I will update you on the many changes.  Stay healthy and thank you for your support!

TaDa~  Darla.