Personal Training With ME SystemStarting on Thursday, February 7th, 2019, Designer Fitness will be releasing “Me Everyday”, 35 of Darla’s fitness training routines in a FREE series of blogs! These routines build correct posture and are basic exercises that rotate in a 28-day cycle, with five bonus routines concentrated on keeping you on track.

Darla has always said “Less exercise, done correctly, is better than more exercise done with improper form. There’s always the opportunity to increase duration, intensity and variety”.

“In my 25 years in the fitness industry I’ve observed the difference between the fit and the balanced: fit people tell me about what they ‘used to do’ – while balanced people are still doing it. To stay in balance, balanced people are always fine-tuning and self-correcting. It’s a continuing process.”

Think of exercise as simply movement – and moving is something we do all day long. Let’s start on the 7th, as the most important element of the Me System is the beginning. We will work systematically, building a base of balance and stability for the exercise routines that follow.

ME Everyday Process Organization

Establish A Balanced and Proper Posture.
The first section, “Setting Your Posture”, is the important foundation upon which all subsequent exercises are based. Master a balanced posture is crucial. Learn and practice the posture routines throughout your day. It will take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks or more to master.

Warm Up Every Day.
Once you’ve got posture under your belt you can start with the Basic Warm-Up section. Take your time. One at a time, do as many of the exercises in that section as you can – while keeping your “Me posture” in line. The exercises do not need to be done all in one session. In fact, it’s better to do one, two or three correctly and then another two or three at the next session…all the while watching your posture.

28 Days, One Routine Per Day.
After a while, the exercises will follow naturally and quickly. Then you can progress to the Daily Focus Routines.

ME Everyday Is Adaptable To Challenging Circumstances.
This supplemental section provides ME Everyday Routines for four common circumstances where your commitment to exercise can be challenged. You will feel better when you do it, and the routines will help keep you on track!