Motion Empowered System


The Motion Empowered System

The Motion Empowered or ME System™ is a personal, customized, dynamic approach to achieving maxim results from your workouts – without adding the risk of injury. A focused plan that emphasizes muscle groups with breathing and targeted movements, the ME System™ has the client learning to properly engage and control core muscles. This concentrated attention wastes no movement and builds greater overall muscle strength and control. Spinal alignment, balance, and joint articulation all improve, yielding better functionality of your body as a whole, including digestion, elimination, assimilation, respiration and joint articulation.

Your Customized Workout

Custom Training WorkoutWhile exercise is seen as a fundamentally healthy endeavor, each person and his/her goals are vastly different. For example, fitness training for a professional dancer will differ from that of a pro golfer, runway model, or office worker just wanting to gain aerobic fitness and to lose a little weight. At Designer Fitness, you will receive an exercise plan designed for you that focuses on breathing, movement, and posture. Your personal plan will be optimized for your own body characteristics and will be targeted towards you achieving your personal wellness goals. The end goal is a series of movements that you can use whenever and wherever you are: training at your favorite gym, working at your desk, dancing on the dance floor, or hiking with the family.

A Fitness System for Everyone

Clients of all ages and fitness levels from nearly any walk of life can benefit from the ME System. Designer Fitness has worked with a wide variety of clients from different professions, ages, fitness levels, goals, and medical history.

Designer Fitness offers one-on-one and small group classes of up to three people. Our expert instruction incorporates state-of-the-art equipment. Each session is designed to make exercise enjoyable!

ME ™ Will Make You More Empowered…

  • Athletes
  • Dancers and Musicians

  • Senior Citizens

  • Snow Birds

  • Pre- and Post-surgical Patients

  • Golfers

  • Jockeys

  • Race Car Drivers

  • Models

Why Wait?

Regardless of what you do or what your goals are, Designer Fitness will develop am ME System to maximize your workout and help along your path towards fitness and health. Start Today! Just fill out this form and Darla will contact you. There’s no obligation and nothing to lose.

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