This is an intermediate to advanced torso curl.  (You’ll find a good basic torso curl in Me and My Abs.

Sit on a large ball, in perfect posture (see The Importance of Good Posture and Sitting Well).  Head up, shoulders back, chest raised, with thighs parallel and feet shoulder-width apart.

Walk your feet slowly forward.  Then gently roll the ball toward your feet.  Keeping your balance and moving your feet carefully, walk forward and roll your body slowly down the ball. You can use your hands to stabilize the ball. Continue until your lower back is resting comfortably on the ball.

Make sure your feet are even and flat on the floor, slightly in front of the knees.

Place your hands behind your head.  Keep your shoulders straight, your head on straight, and a good pelvic tilt (zipper and dime – abdominals and butt!).

Using your abs, leading from the chest, raise your torso.  Slowly go back down, a short range, stabilizing as you go.  Then lift and lower several more times. Rest and repeat.

Be sure to maintain good alignment.

When you are finished, put your hands on the ball and carefully walk your feet backwards to raise yourself back up into a seated position.

As you grow more comfortable with this exercise, you can increase the number of repetitions.

Remember: Staying within your range of motion, your body will benefit from small, focused motions when you are Motion Empowered!