Sometimes we make things harder and more complicated than they need to be.  If you’re feeling that your exercise and fitness activities have become a burden, demanding too much time and effort and missing any fun factor, it’s a good time to consider what you can do to declutter your exercise program.

Go back to basics.  It’s not about how much time you spend, how many new movements you’re doing, or how many machines you’ve added to your workout.  If you’re putting your emphasis on these things, you can easily burn out or beat yourself up when you fail to meet your own expectations.

Especially when you’re not feeling well or are under a lot of stress, it’s best to focus your exercise on posture and alignment (more on that in my previous blog, The Importance of Good Posture).  Centering yourself and watching your range of motion will help you avoid injuries and keep you on the right track to make slow but steady progress. It’s better to do small sequences more regularly – consistency is the key.

Get rid of any fitness equipment you no longer use, and make sure the equipment you do use is in good condition and that it is a good fit for your body.  Decluttering your workout space will make you feel better about exercising – opening up more room to move, removing guilt about unused items, and taking one more thing off your to-do list!

You don’t have to have fancy equipment – you can get a good workout using simple equipment and your own body strength.  Bands and balls are my favorite.

Balls are good for simple core and hamstring exercises (ME and My Abs and Hamstring and Core Lift). Bands travel well. Leg bands can be used in simple exercises (ME System and Lower Leg Bands) that work out your whole lower body and core – remembering that all movement and exercise initiates from the core! And using arm bands, you can not only improve the fitness of your arms, but also work on flexibility (ME and Arm Bands).

Simplifying your equipment and your fitness routine might just motivate you to exercise more regularly – and after all, isn’t that the goal?

Keep in mind: Less is More.  Slow and mindful exercise will help you reach your goals.

Ta da!