If you’ve been doing the exercises for your abs described in my last Darla Says blog, this exercise continues along the same lines, and it starts with the same basic position. Keep in mind that everything is communicated to the body through the spine, and if your spine is frail or as tight as a block of wood, this exercise may not be right for you.

For this one, you lay down on your back and get yourself aligned in perfect posture.  (You can review all the elements of perfect posture in my previous blog, The Importance of Good Posture.)  Shoulders straight, head on straight, pelvic tilt with zipper zipped and dime pinched.

Your calves should be elevated, on a 55 centimeter fitness ball or on a couch or chair of the right height to keep your calves and shins parallel to the floor.  Keep the ball close to your butt, and keep your knees bent.  Your legs and feet should be relaxed during this exercise – you want to use your abs to lift and not push up from your legs. Keep your inner thighs pulled towards one another.

Your arms should be relaxed at your sides, palms down.

Focus on that center magic spot low in the abdominal area between the hip bones.  Lift from that spot, raising your hips without pushing down with your legs or feet, as far as you can go while maintaining your zipper, dime and alignment.

Pay attention as you lower yourself, rolling down slowly and making sure that you’re keeping all your parts engaged and aligned.  You don’t want to go all the way down.  Ease down til you feel you’re going to let loose and then slowly raise up again. Do several repetitions, rest, and then repeat.

Make sure that your feet are light and that you keep your shoulders against the floor – you may feel yourself wanting to raise and round them.

Remember that less is more.  Do all you can while maintaining alignment.  If you try to overextend or overdo it, you’ll be wasting your time and undoing all the good you’ve been working to achieve.

This is another exercise you can do almost anywhere, to keep moving forward toward your fitness goals.  And of course, focusing on good posture in everything you do will help you be Motion Empowered all day long!

Hope to see you soon.