My new “Darla says…” blog is inspired by a desire to address the many questions I’m asked about who we are, what we do here at Designer Fitness, and what it is about our  approach that makes it different and so successful.

Many of the questions I hear repeatedly, sometimes from the same people…because as their perspective changes and as they move forward into new exercises and greater self-awareness, the same answer may gain an added meaning, opening a new door of understanding.

You can easily learn more about who I am by visiting the About page on my Website,  To summarize: I’ve been a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years, and over the last 21 years I’ve developed a distinct approach that is customized to the unique physique of each client, called the ME System™.

ME = Motion Empowered, though some believe it could as well be called Mind Empowered because it does require some concentrated effort.

The ME System was built from years of work with my clients.  It’s a means of measurement, a way to help you know when you are in correct alignment – which  helps all of your body systems and organs to stay healthy and to function as they should.

Though every body has its own strengths and weaknesses, everybody can work to attain and maintain better alignment, which is the critical foundation for all effective exercise.   The ME System can help you to learn how to move within your optimum range of motion, so that your every movement adds to strength and balance, and help you to avoid injury.


When we think about how we sit, stand, walk, and move throughout the day, all movement – done correctly – is beneficial exercise that helps to build a fitter body that  works and feels better.

YOU are the most important element in your physical fitness program. No machine or gear substitutes for the Motion Empowered work you can do, everywhere and everyday, to improve your fitness and health through the ME System. We will use fitness equipment when you’re ready for it…when your alignment is stable and secure.

Welcome to my new blog. I hope it will serve as a resource for you to learn, or review, the concepts that will help you incorporate the ME System into your life.

Please email me if you have comments or questions.  I will address them in future postings…

Til then…Ta Da!