Hello Again!

One challenge to maintaining good posture throughout the day is the imbalance that can result from lugging around a heavy bag. I’m guilty, but I try to do what I can to avoid it.

All that shiny metal looks impressive, but when you’re purchasing a new bag, keep in mind that if it’s heavy when it’s empty, it will be really heavy once it’s holding all the valuable and useful items you’ll want to carry in it.

Whatever you put in your bag will be weight loading your spine when you place it on your shoulder. That weight can throw off your balance and aggravate any issues you might have with your shoulders, spine, hips, knees or ankles. Watch your posture, and try not to shift your weight or slouch.

Before you set out, do what you can to lighten the load. Look through your bag and remove any unnecessary items – like maybe the nail polish you put on yesterday or a book you took to read when waiting for an appointment. If you’re going to need a lot of stuff, try to choose a bag made with lighter weight fabric and less bling, saving the heavier bags for days when you don’t need to carry so much.

Choose a smaller bag, if possible. Less space, less temptation to overload it.

I’ve found it helps to divide my things into smaller bags that I can throw into a bigger bag or leave out, depending on my plans. Whether I’m setting out for a long day with several places to go or heading for out-of-town travel, this system has been very effective in making sure I’m carrying what I need – and nothing more!

Most women will want to have a make-up bag with her, but you shouldn’t be carrying around everything you’d take for a long trip – have one with a few simple things you’ll need that day. I have bags for hair care and personal care that fit into my rolling suitcase. My simple computer bag is big enough to slip my wallet in it, if that’s all I’ll need, and it fits easily into my suitcase or into a messenger bag for professional appointments.

It’s kind of like layering, only for possessions and not clothes!

Be careful how you pick your bag up and how you let it go. Lots of injuries occur when someone turns and tosses a heavy bag into the back seat of a car or reaches back and hauls it back up front. Another time you need to be careful to avoid injury is on a plane lifting a heavy bag into an overhead luggage rack or getting it out – especially if you don’t have good control and it tries to fall on your head or someone else’s foot!

Lift your head and chest, remember your “zipper” and “dime,” and try to carry things in a way that won’t injure your body. You work hard to stay fit and healthy, and this is one area you can easily take charge of to make every day activities a workout – an injury-free workout!