Healthy posture doesn’t stop when you sit down.

So many people spend so much time driving or sitting at desks and computers these days that sitting affects our overall sense of comfort and well-being now more than ever.

Every element of good posture listed in my previous blog applies to sitting.  Proper posture while sitting will let your entire body, and your mind, function more effectively.  It will keep oxygen flowing to all of your muscles and prevent damaging pinches to your central nervous system.

For a quick review:

Lift from the top of your head – “Puppet on a String”
Lift your chest – “Hang up” your abdominals
Shoulders back
Head on Straight
Zip your zipper
Pinch your dime
Thighs parallel
Knees soft
Feet relaxed

If your knees start aching, check to see if your feet are tucked underneath you.  Place your feet so your heels are under your knees and keep all parts of your feet on the floor.  Soften your knees and keep your thighs parallel, slightly apart.  This will help strengthen your inner thigh muscles, which will help you avoid injuries and look slimmer!

Does your upper back ache?  Maybe your shoulders are rounding forward as you hunch over your keyboard or strain to see a computer screen that’s too low. Lift your shoulders, roll them back and drop them down.  Lift your chest and your head.  More oxygen will flow to your brain as well as to your arms, hands and wrists.

How about your mid and lower back?  If your butt is too far back, and you’re not zipping and pinching, you’re probably putting too much pressure on your spine by arching your lower back.  This will tire you out and reduce your concentration.

And when you’re doing sitting exercises, using weights or balls, make sure you start by maintaining good posture throughout…otherwise, your workout may result in a strain or injury…or it may just work muscles that are already strong and miss an opportunity to strengthen the weaker muscles that can really improve your fitness.

Be sure to stand up and walk around to loosen everything up once in a while.

Remember that all movement is exercise, and that good posture will help you feel, look and perform better. And isn’t that what we all want for ourselves?

I’d be glad to answer any question about posture or the ME System. Feel free to leave a question or comment below. What’s your biggest challenge in trying to maintain good posture?