This is a gentle exercise that will help release tension and strengthen the upper back.

Stand with your back facing a wall with a large ball (45-55 cm) between your shoulder blades. Stop to make sure that you are in perfect posture: head up, shoulders back, chest raised, thighs parallel, knees soft and feet shoulder-width apart (see The Importance of Good Posture). Keep your abs engaged and buttocks squeezed (ziped and pinched!).

Walk your feet out slightly forward, knees slightly bent, so that you are leaning gently into the ball.
Raise your arms, bringing your hands and arms shoulder height (if you can do this without straining). Keep your elbows slightly bent and your hands shoulder-width apart in front of you. Keep your wrists straight and your hands light.

Slowly rotate your arms outwards, keeping your wrists straight, hands light and elbows bent.
Then rotate your arms back to the forward starting position, keeping your shoulders pinched, your elbows bent and your hands light.

Remember: Your body will benefit from gentle, focused movements when you are Motion Empowered!