Hello Again!

It’s important to find the correct healthy posture for you.

Every body is different, and your body has been shaped by your lifestyle, work and recreational activities.

Whether you spend your working hours painting ceilings or sitting at a computer, or you carry a growing baby on your hip, these experiences can put your body out of balance and create unwanted stress. We all have our imbalances, and every body needs fine tuning.

At Designer Fitness, good posture is the foundation for all the exercises we do to bring your body into balance and improve your fitness. It’s the first thing we work on, in every session.

I coach you to focus on being in the alignment that creates your specific correct posture, the posture that is right for you. This may feel surprisingly awkward or unnatural at first. In fact, just getting everything lined up properly may feel like a workout in and of itself!

The objective is to create space and length in the spine. Thinking tall and following the elements of good posture outlined below can even out the muscles around the spine, allowing the spine to relax. This lets the central nervous system work properly, so that all your body systems and organs can function at their best.

Remember, your body can have some quirks and issues that may need to be gently adjusted before you can comfortably achieve good posture. So, use the following as a general guideline only, and practice in front of a mirror.

Be sure to see me soon if you are uncomfortable doing any of the following.

Elements of Better Posture

  1. “Puppet on a String” – lift yourself up from the top of your head as if your head is holding up your body.
  2. “Hang Up” Your Abdominals – and lift your chest, like hanging up your dressy clothes to keep them in the best condition.
  3. Shoulders Back – it may help to lift them, roll them back, then press them down.
  4. Head on Straight – check to see if it’s tilted.
  5. “Dime Pinched” – pinch your buttocks cheeks together.
  6. Knees Soft (locking your knees puts a lot of stress on them…and on your back!).
  7. “Zipper Zipped” – pull in your abdominals, like you’re zipping the zipper on your tightest fitting jeans.
  8. Feet Relaxed – balance on all four corners of your feet.

When you achieve the last four, you should feel a pelvic tilt (forward and up) that helps elongate and straighten your spine.

It’s really important that you focus on maintaining proper posture throughout the day. The key is to consistently focus on keeping proper alignment, whether you’re sitting, standing or walking.

Good posture will make you feel, look and perform better. Start noticing yours!